Look how pleased Debbie Peters is at Island Shore Estates!

​I have managed community properties in two states for thirty years and would encourage managers of properties to make a small investment of their time to start a PooPrint® program in their community.  

Years ago owners and investors were hesitant to welcome pet owners into their communities.  Year after year I would see wonderful caring people turned away from renting an apartment or purchasing a condominium.  As a dog owner and lover of dogs this was disturbing to me.

Over the years the slow economy and empty community homes has changed the dynamics of rental and ownership properties.  Approximately sixty-five percent of our communities are pet friendly.  For community owners and investors this is a relief, but for managers and maintenance personnel it can be a nightmare.  Countless hours are being spent canvassing the property for dog waste, time spent the dog poo, and the daily complaints from people that either step in dog waste or see or smell it throughout the property.  Walking and playing in the grass areas were no longer a pleasant activity. No matter how many notices went out asking dog owners to clean up after their dogs there were always piles of dog waste throughout the community.

Then came the solution.....PooPrints® allows communities to welcome dog owners without compromising the well being of residents.  We all know that dog waste contains bacteria and disease.  Implementing this program makes for a healthier community and improves the quality of a dog friendly outdoor grounds and facilities.  Dog owners are more likely to clean up after their dogs when this program is used in the communities.  We have had positive feedback from dog owners and non-dog owners.

The program is easy, fast, and efficient for both the owner and office staff.  With Deb Palmer's exceptional knowledge she walks you through the entire process with ease.  The cost is minimal and the return is a happy pet friendly community!  

Debbie Peters
Island Shore Estates
Penacook, NH

The Cheney Companies has been a customer of PooPrints® since August 2011.  We started the program at our properties because we were tired of residents not picking up after their dogs.  We had complaints from the landscapers who tried to maintain the lawns, complaints from adults whose children wanted to play outside but couldn’t because of the ‘bombs’ to be found all over, and from residents where dog feces had been tracked into the common hallway.  We considered not allowing dogs at all but that would have been punishing the responsible dog owners for the actions of the irresponsible ones.

 Prior to instituting the program, we picked up all dog waste.  It was a very easy process to register the dogs we had on record; we sent letters with instructions and a deadline.  Once the program was instituted, improvement was immediate.  Lawn areas where once you couldn’t take a step without encountering waste were immaculate.  There have been a few residents/dogs who have had positive samples and some have questioned the validity of the program, but the information provided by PooPrints® is undisputable.. 

 It is also undisputable that this program works.  We have seen it firsthand.  I just went on ‘poop patrol’ of three of our biggest properties where we allow dogs and not a trace of dog waste was found.  Becoming customers of PooPrints® was the best step we could have taken to continue to allow dogs on our properties.
Deb Wilson
Cheney Companies
Newmarket NH

Here is what Deb Wilson from Cheney Companies has to say:  


Dog DNA Today LLC is an insured Representative of PooPrints®.  We proudly service the beautiful, granite state New Hampshire and the majestic,  beach-filled state of Maine.


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