You know that stepping in a pile of pet waste is nasty.  You know that too much time and money is wasted on trying to catch violators of rules but to no avail.  You know your property is being destroyed and your curb appeal is down which ultimately affects your overall occupancy.

Did you know what dog waste does to children, to the soil and waterways?  Did you know that a typical dog pile contains 3 billion bacteria?

When piles are being left behind it is not just nasty, people are at risk for disease and waterways are being polluted that will affect humans and the wildlife.

There are cases all over the country that pop up that show that water is contaminated and the cause is dog waste, not wildlife.  The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services conducted a study to determine the source of bacteria in water samples in Dover, New Hampshire.  It found dog waste to be a significant source of the bacteria.  

Just one more reason to join the program people!!!

We care about both the environment and people

We are the Leader of the Pack because PooPrints® is the original commercial DNA Pet Waste Management service with a half-decade of experience working directly with Property Management, over 2,200 communities in 50 states, Canada and the U.K. You've seen us at your local apartment association events and local community association chapter events. You've seen us at national expos. You've read about us in Units and Common Grounds. We are here to stay, and to serve you!  We have the experience and longevity that newcomers can't claim.

Over the last year or two we have seen a couple of new dog waste DNA companies pop up around the country. At PooPrints®, we believe imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so we understand why others would try to replicate the high level of service and value that PooPrints® provides to communities nationwide.   So, thank you.  

While we are sure these newcomers can do a good job (after all, they borrowed the idea from us) there are a few things we hope you keep in mind as you choose your pet waste management vendor.

​PooPrints® has boots on the ground in 30 metro markets so that our trained and experienced Representives can be at your door to help you at a moments' notice. Our Reps own small businesses in your market, and they are members of your local association chapter which you can support.

The PooPrints® lab is 100% fully owned and operated by us. We are directly involved with and dedicated to quality assurance, quality control, and fast turn-around times for our communities. We don't outsource to other labs, we protect and manage your samples and data all the way through the scientific process. As a community manager, you are making an investment in DNA pet waste technology, and PooPrints® offers you seamless services from kit ordering through sample testing. Ask the "other guys" if they themselves do the analysis, or do they outsource your samples?

PooPrints® is your community's total pet waste management solution. Yes we do doggy DNA. But we also provide you with pet stations, bags and refill rolls, bark park equipment, and coming soon a sustainable/green disposal method.  We don't try to sell you unnecessary technologies and add-ons that you don't need. Can PooPrints® do cats? Sure! Can PooPrints do dog bites? You bet! But these are just not common problems we hear from community managers around the country -- and so we have no desire to push unneeded services on you. PooPrints® has the only patent pending on the DNA laboratory processes. These are proprietary processes that newcomers cannot replicate.

PooPrints® will always be the Leader of the Pack

Luckily I found that help many years ago when I made a call to the wonderful people at PooPrints®.   We amended our rental agreement, came up with a game plan for implementation, enforcement and in one fell swoop we began registering dogs left and right.  There was some work involved with over 300 dogs, but it was easy and it was fun meeting them all too.  It is about being organized.  The system is already in place for you.  Before I knew it, the entire community was registered and we were the first in the Continental US to use the amazing PooPrints® program.  

I saw how seamlessly PooPrints® cleaned up my beautiful, dog friendly property and I watched how current and new residents welcomed the program.  We have two stream-fed ponds and when I learned about the environmental issues that dog mess was leaving behind, it was just a bonus that  we were doing our part for the environment.  We set the fees so they were affordable to the dog owner but also covered the expenses of the property. It is a win-win.   It did not take long to realize that all the expenses of the program could be paid for inexpensively by each dog owner, and not by the property owner. It hit me...I was in.  I became a Rep!  I can help you design a program for your property, just like I have in many, and make it work for you too.   Wouldn't it be nice to get back to the real matters at hand and not the dog matter on your shoe?  Contact me

First and foremost...I GET IT!  I get what you are going through as an owner, a Board member and as a Property Manager.    I am a full time Property Manager with an extensive background in condominium and apartment management.  I manage Twin Ponds at Nashua.  With hundreds of dogs on site, I needed help.  Most of my residents were responsible dog owners but as you know it only takes a few to "mess" it up for everyone.  That's why you're here isn't it? You need help now.  It's time for me to share what I know with you and clean up.

A Word About Deb Palmer

Brainstorming sessions at BioPet always focus on how DNA technology can make meaningful impacts on society.  After a particularly messy day walking their dog, one of our Lab Team Members suggested a way to eliminate dog waste for good using DNA technology.  A few laughs later, they began to look into the actual issues posed by animal waste in our communities.

The effects of waste on the appearance of a community, not to mention the environment and the health of the residents, was staggering!  What started as a humorous suggestion turned into something with potential to have a positive impact on the environment, while being valuable for our customers.

TodayPooPrints® has evolved into a total-package solution capable of helping communities manage and control pet waste!  

PooPrints® is a registered trademark of BioPet Vet Labs. 

One of the first questions we get asked is ​, "How did you ever come up with the idea to DNA test dog poop?"  The story begins with BioPet Vet Lab's Research and Development Team, continually developing new genetic products for pet owners and veterinarians.  Realizing the need to electronically share, analyze and store genetic information, BioPet partnered with the patented DNA World Pet Registry.  Now animal profiles are securely stored, and the customer is able to perform online analysis in a user-friendly and cost effective manner.

What to Expect


I am passionate about this business and anxious to share how I made it work for me.  I have managed the same property for 20+ years. My background allows me to see both sides of the coin. 


Customer Service

Prompt and courteous response time.  I excel in customer service because that is what I expect.



I will help you design a plan specific to your properties needs that will get results.  Every property is unique and I can identify those needs easily due to my background in management and now PooPrints™

A Word About PooPrints®