How is FREE for cost effective?  Does that work for you?

​I know this is possible and for once it is not too good to be true.  I'm more than just a PooPrints® Representative.  I am a full time Property Manager with many years of experience in property management and years of experience using this Program.  I still use PooPrints® and I will as long as I manage property.

PooPrints® is the original commercial DNA Pet Waste Management service with a half-decade of experience working directly with Property Management.  It is efficient, intelligent and more than cost effective.  Did you know you can run this program for free while providing an affordable service for dog owners while making your surroundings healthier?​


​Yes, it's true. KEEP READING...

To make PooPrints® work successfully, the needs must be identified and addressed.  The needs are:

  • Health of the public
  • Environmental Safety
  • Costs to the dog owner
  • Cost to the Property Owner/Organization or even Municipality

PooPrints® figured out a way to address all of those concerns without unfairly putting the burden on the property owner or the dog owner.  

​The impact dog waste has on our environment is shocking. The EPA places dog waste in the same category as oil and toxic chemicals. 

The dog owner gets a free lost and found benefit just like micro-chipping their dog in addition to all the other benefits.  



To run the program for free, you simply pass a reasonable cost along to the dog owner instead of spending multi-thousands of dollars on a pooper scooper company to clean up after irresponsible dog owners.  Why send your maintenance staff, which obviously costs money too, to the property for "land mines"?

In a condominium for example, I feel like you are saying, "Go ahead and leave Spot's poop on the walkway, we'll get it.  We will just increase the fees across the board for the pooper scooper company next year.  Even the 30% of the owners that do not have a dog will have to pay.  It's okay."  

I believe if we are going to own one of these marvelous dogs that share space with us you need to be responsible and take care of this marvelous earth.  If not, you will be encouraged to do so with PooPrints® and you will pay the pooper.  The jokes are endless, but, this is serious business.

​​Take the next step...and make it a clean one.  Contact me for more information.  

Cost Effective



PooPrints® uses a DNA matching service to catch those irresponsible dog owners that are making a nasty, unhealthy mess of your property.

Every living thing on earth has it's own unique DNA sequence.  DNA is a biological code containing the genetic instructions that make us the distinct individuals we are.


CONGRATS! You just found the most efficient, intelligent and cost effective waste management service in the world.  You found PooPrints®!!!

Serving New Hampshire


​​DNA can be thought of as a fingerprint. This unique fingerprint is found inside almost every cell, including your dog's cells.  A dog can be positively identified once it's DNA is analyzed.  ​

Not only will the violators be caught, your responsible dog owners will never be wrongly accused again.  How many times has that situation happened on your property and even you thought you were sure who the culprit was?  DNA is going to take the guessing game out of it for you with accuracy and proven science.

Each dog will receive a unique ID tag which corresponds to a bar code that is used when entering the dog in the database which corresponds to their DNA.

You will be taught how to collect a proper sample and how to send it into the lab for analysis.

When a waste sample is sent to the lab, it will be compared against all canine's in your property database.  The match is based on a 16 point genotype comparison.

You can use your Waste Sample Results Tool and watch the status of your samples being processed by the lab.  

You will be sent a letter generated from the lab that you can send to the violator while enforcing the program if you choose.

Using DNA evidence to catch the violator takes the "he-said-she-said" out of the equation and provides you with the concrete evidence you need.  The fine is imposed and you can move on with your day.  

Now that is an intelligent dog waste system!!!

Does the DNA specify the breed? No.

Here's what BioPet Vet Lab has to say:

"Canine breed identification lends itself to slight variations, because results are based on statistical clustering comparison with a specific database of genotypes of purebreds. This clustering analysis produces statistics based on the database it is compared against. Meaning the actual breed percentages are only as strong as the database it is compared against; too few breeds in the database and you could be less likely to capture all breeds present in a mix-breed sample. Too many breeds in the database, and you run the risk of oversaturating and resulting too many breeds all with lower percentages. So, while the method of extracting and producing the genotype may be very precise, the clustering analysis with a purebred database is the variant in resulting. In contrast to breed identification, PooPrints® creates a profile specific to the individual dog, and we do not determine any information concerning the breed makeup."

I have managed Twin Ponds at Nashua proudly for...well, let's just say the number is impressive.  I have been managing property for more than half of my life.  We have well over 300 dogs at any given time with no weight or breed restrictions.  That makes us awesome and very popular with dog lovers.  This program makes having that many dogs a walk in the park.  You would think it was a nightmare and it is actually a blast.  We were once miserable with dog mess, but now I manage a clean and healthy community.  We even used the DNA as a marketing tool.  Our current residents love the program and the new applicants are excited to come to a community where they know their children can play.

2)     I will supply you with a unique username and password to the secure hosted patented DNA World Pet Registry (WPR).  The DNA World Pet Registry is the secure hosted database that houses the PooPrints® data and provides communities and organizations with administrative tools to perform the duties required to run a PooPrints® program.

3)     You enter information into the WPR at each appointment, supervise the dog owner swabbing the dog and mail the swab to the lab.


4)     Statistically speaking, your property has already shown major signs of being cleaner and greener just because the program is in place.  The program acts as a deterrent all by itself.  Now that your database is established, you can catch your violators with the World's #1 DNA Pet Waste Management Service and send in samples if you find them.

I will train you on all of these very simple steps and guide you how to implement the program no matter what your situation.

Bottom line...the steps are easy and quick and there is no more time wasted on trying to figure out who the culprit is when "in the end", there was never any concrete evidence anyway.

The PooPrints® program will minimize the  time you spend on dog waste so you can spend your valuable time focusing on the property you own, manage or maybe even both.

There is a long list of things you should be focusing on other than dog waste. As a Property Manager myself, I know that first hand.  As a Board member I know your time is precious (I have a background in condo management as well).

​Here is why PooPrints® is so efficient:

1)     You sign up using a simple form and purchase inventory to swab all the dogs currently in your community and plan ahead for future ones.  The kits contain everything you and your dog owners need.  Everything is bar-coded for simplicity too!

A PooPrints® Representative